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6 Tips For Avoiding Tourists In Europe

Written by Archer Travel Service - February 15 at 1:27 PM

Tip 1: Book for the off-season When it comes to planning a trip in Europe, timing is everything. While Summer is a tempting choice due to pleasant weather and vacation time off of school, it also brings in hordes of tourists from all over the globe. If you’re keen on beating the crowds, consider booking your trip between November and February. While you will have to pack warm while traveling during these months, a little chill in the air won’t detract from enjoying a splendid, unforgettable trip. If you enjoy winter sports, we recommend visiting mountainous countries like Austria, Switzerland, and Germany for their fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Tip 2: Choose a lesser-known country When thinking of a European vacation, the first countries that come to mind are probably destinations like France, Spain, and Italy. However, did you know that each of these countries receives more than 60 million tourists each year? If you’d like to avoid getting swept up in the masses, you might want to travel to the less-visited countries of Liechtenstein, Moldova, Macedonia, or Luxembourg. Each of these destinations receives less than 2 million visitors each year but has no shortage of beauty, history, and things to do. Tip 3: Stay in small towns rather than large cities Small towns offer a unique opportunity of experiencing the life and culture of locals. A majority of European towns have Plazas, walkable streets, and easily accessible stores. Experience local life by walking to the grocery store each morning, then enjoy some coffee in the town square. For instance, if you’d like to visit a beautiful canal city like Venice or Amsterdam, consider hidden treasuries like Annecy, often dubbed the “Venice of the Alps.” Nestled along Lake Annecy, this charming town has 5 km of picturesque canals that wind through the town center. Gondola rides, sailboating, and castle tours are all popular activities in this town that would be more difficult to come by in a large metropolitan area. Tip 4: Visit the less popular attractions The first destinations you will see when looking up a location on Google, yelp, or travel advisor will inherently be the most popular attractions. Instead of choosing to visit well-known landmarks, look into restaurants, shops, events, and attractions locals are more likely to visit. Tip 5: If you do want to go to a popular attraction, go early in the morning If you’re dying to see something popular like the Trevi fountain or the Eiffel Tower, go to these spots early in the morning, anywhere from 6 am to 8 am, to avoid the insanity of the tourist crowd. With popular landmarks like these, you can expect hundreds of visitors each hour, so if you want to get good photos and not deal with the packed body heat of dozens of strangers, then the early wakeup is worth it. Book a tour ahead of time with Viator or Trafalgar to beat the crowds. Tip 6: Hire a local guide While hiring a tour guide for your vacation may seem like a splurge, the insights they provide and the details they share are invaluable. Our Preferred Supplier, Trafalgar offers local guides to be booked for you or your clients. Local tour guides know the ins and outs of the areas they specialize in and can bring you to off-the-beaten-path experiences you would have had no way of knowing about otherwise. They’re also experts in navigating transportation and places to avoid so that you can travel safely and efficiently. A half-day tour with a private guide will really pay off in the long run.