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Josie Mc Ewen

My name is Josie, also known as The Romance Coach. I love all things romance and is one of my hobbies and bussiness is to create content around romantic gifts, staycations, romantic getaways, anniversaries, and easy romantic dates. My mission is to make romance easy for people! I love all things romance and this is something that comes easy to me, but I know it does come easy to everyone, so I love helping others experience the joy and reconnection that comes with bring more romance into relationships. One of my favorite things I do is planning, coordinating, and arranging special events and romantic staycations and getaways for my clients. I find immense joy and find it fun to create itineraries catered to what other people enjoy, and where they want to travel! I love to see their eyes light up when they see the romantic surprises coming to fruition. I also love the joy that comes from knowing you are creating something special and meaningful and a core memory that will never be forgotten. I also love to travel and experience the world, and see new places and adventures, and would do it all the time if possible if my budget allowed me to do so. . Travel excites my soul! Planning amazing vacations and staycations is my passion, and I love it so much. That is usually what I am doing my free time is planning my next amazing vacations and adding to my bucket list destinations. I also have a large family and have useful and practical strategies in planning vacations and trips for them as well! As an experienced Romance Coach and travel agent, I would love to partner with you to curate amazing travel experiences and romantic getaways for you.

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I358 shipdata nieuw statendam
By Holland America Line

$59 / Per Night

I360 shipdata norwegian bliss
By Norwegian Cruise Line

$66 / Per Night

Evolution travel cruise ship
By Norwegian Cruise Line

$107 / Per Night