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Angelene Harris

I am Angie, a travel-loving agent who has mastered the art of traveling often and cost-efficiently. My passion for exploring new places and cultures has taken me to countless destinations. Despite my love for travel, I am also a savvy budget traveler who know how to make my money go further. I often seek out affordable accommodation options, such as hostels or Airbnb rentals, and use public transportation instead of expensive taxis or rental cars. I also love to sample local street food and find hidden gems off the beaten path, rather than expensive tourist traps. My travel philosophy is all about embracing new experiences while still being mindful of my budget. I believe that travel doesn't have to be expensive to be fulfilling and that the memories and experiences we gain from our adventures are truly priceless. So, whether I am hiking in the mountains or lounging on a beach, I am always on the lookout for our next adventure, and I'm committed to doing it in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Evolution travel cruise ship
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Evolution travel cruise ship
By Celebrity Cruises

$63 / Per Night

Evolution travel cruise ship
By Norwegian Cruise Line

$57 / Per Night